x 2017 Homework and Reading Help Club
Help local children to get their homework and reading done!
Thursdays or Fridays, 15:30 - 16:30
Barton Neighbourhood Centre (on the free U1 bus route)
Help local children to do well in school, and have the future they deserve with just an hour a week!
The Problem
Oxford - the city with two great universities, but sadly a city of vast educational inequality too.
  • Oxford's school results are in the bottom 25% across the country
  • 40% of Oxford's children have special educational needs, many more have English as their second or third language
  • 20% of children here live below the poverty line
For children who fit any or all of the above, doing well in school can be tough!
How you can help
There is something simple you can do to help out, just once a week 😄 Join our weekly homework club or reading club in Barton Neighbourhood Centre, and have fun meeting new people whilst supporting local children with their homework or reading, who's families can't afford a private tutor. Barton neighbourhood is easy to reach on the free U1 bus and is one of the most deprived neighbourhoods in Oxford.
The Homework Help Club and the Reading Help Club are informal, happy environments, but being able to get help from Brookes students has a big impact on the children's learning. Sign-up today and get involved!
After you sign-up we'll be in touch to welcome you to the team and invite you to the next session!
The Details
  • Thursdays during the semester for the Homework Help Club, 15:30 until 16:30
  • Fridays during the semester for the Reading Help Club, 15:30 until 16:30 (you can pick one club or both!)
  • Barton Neighbourhood Centre
  • Easy to get there on the U1 bus, number 8 buses, or walk/cycle.
  • Any bus ticket you buy we will pay you back for
  • It is encouraged, by not compulsory, to come every week. Volunteering will end for exam times
  • Volunteering will always take place in a group of other Brookes students
Got questions? Just email [email protected]
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